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The "Second wind" of the British armwrestling! >>>

The "Second wind" of the British armwrestling! # Armwrestling #

Sometimes a serious breakthrough in sports discipline requires a long period of "maturation". As a good wine, if such an association is appropriate here, it takes time to gain the fullness of taste and aroma. The same can happen in armwrestling. A lot of different factors must unite into one single whole so that a sporting event can ignite a new fire and generate something great and beautiful. For example, "Zloty Tur" ... Today it is obvious - in order for the tournament to become stronger with each event, it is necessary that a lot of factors coincide. ()

    The British armwrestling has history and great traditions, but, until now, something was missing for stable development. As a rule, there were few participants at the competitions, and, worst of all, there were very few debutants. This, above all, said that the discipline did not develop. And now the time has come when the armwrestling community itself decided that something must be done about it.

    Of course, even under favorable conditions, there must be someone who organizes everyone and takes care of everything.

    At the event, which will be mentioned below, Paul Maiden became such an organizer and inspirer (you can see him with a microphone on the photos). In addition, if David Shead himself is a referee of the tournament, then this, in itself, says a lot!

   And now - to the point!

   On Saturday, September 8, a tournament called "Club Torture Classic" was held in Wigan (Great Britain).

    The participants of the tournament were armwrestlers, representing all the top armwrestling clubs of Great Britain, as well as guests from abroad, including Pascal Girard. In total, the event was attended by - ATTENTION! - 80 people! Eighty! Of these - thirty debutants. This is a very, very important point.

    The tournament was a real holiday with lights, smoke and treats.

The awards for the victory were very valuable medals.

    Medals are worth mentioning separately, because, first of all, the British tournaments didn’t have medals for a long time and at this tournament the medals were real, heavy and, moreover, with the personal autograph of Rustam Babayev himself! As you know, Rustam recently conducted a series of seminars in the UK and then the tournament was already in the calendar of events, and the medals were already "almost ready". Taking advantage of this unique opportunity, the organizers asked Rustam to sign on the back of each medal.

The debut of the tournament "Club Torture Classic" was held at a very serious level and it now simply obliges the organizers to continue in the same vein!

Thanks to the enthusiasm and serious work conducted by Paul Maiden, with the support of Adam Kaczor and other athletes, the tournament has a promising future.

A very important point is that the tournament attracted new people to the armwrestling community, and also "refreshed" old contacts between athletes.

It really looks like the "second wind" of British armwrestling!

Paul Maiden said after the tournament:

"Absolutely wonderful day! Thank you all for amazing experience and help in organizing! Congratulations on this success to all those who supported our tournament and took part in it! ".


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