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Andrei Pushkar is strongest in fingers back pressure! >>>

Andrei Pushkar is strongest in fingers back pressure! # Armwrestling #

Andrei Pushkar broke the record of Denis Tsyplenkov, Levan Saginashvili and Oleg Zhokh in a back pressure  on fingers. In light of his preparations for the battle with the Russian Hulk during the November Vendetta All Stars, the pace with which Andrei's preparations are moving forward speaks volumes. ()

Pushkar vs Tsyplenkov confrontation has a rich history.

Their last match back in 2014 at the A1 tournament ended with Andrew's victory. Then there was almost a two-year "vacation" of Denis, during which many things changed in arm-wrestling, including the style of preparation and armwrestling of Pushkar as the headliner of professional division.

Thanks to Igor Mazurenko's challenges, it becomes clear that those who try to predict the victory of any of the two participants of the Pushkar vs. Tsyplenkov fight, remembering the previous matches of the giants, are going to be surprised. If Andrei can keep a record weight on his fingers with his wrist straight, then we can say that Denis will fight with a completely new rival. Pushkar with a weak wrist, which Denis knew before, does not exist anymore.

During the Mazurenko testing of Pushkar, spectators gathered in the gym and the whole audience applauded the champion.

Denis's test, in comparison with the results of Pushkar, was calm, to say the least - too calm. The opinions of skeptics, who say that Denis's return may not be as bright as his fans expect, are gaining their likes in social networks again. The oil was poured into the fire by Oleg Zhokh, who openly declared that execution was “dirty”.

Denis’s preparation for a double Vendetta is in full swing and there is no doubt that his answer to Pushkar will not be long in coming. Despite the fact that now Russian Hulk has to accomplish much more than he planned, his experience and character of the winner will allow him to find weighty arguments against Pushkar.

More about the test of Oleg Zhokh and Pushkar - in a new episode of Armbets News on this weekend.

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