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Denis is up 15-20%! >>>

Denis is up 15-20%! # Armwrestling #

On October 8, in the Denis Tsyplenkov’s gym, another Igor Mazurenko challenge took place - Igor has checked whether Denis is ready for the upcoming fights on the left and right hand. ()

Igor Mazurenko:

    According to the measurement results, it can be said that Denis's indicators have grown by 15-20% since the last measurements 2 months ago. Denis is now in very good shape.

    The active preparation phase will last until November 7, then Denis will have 10 days of rest. We will meet with him on November 14 in Poland, before a photo and video session for the participants of Vendetta All Stars 50.

    A big news conference will take place on November 16, and on November 17 Denis will fight with Devon Larratt on his left hand. His fight with Andrei Pushkar on the right will take place the next day - November 18.

    Denis will come to the tournament with a whole delegation of his fans.

    Anyone who is going to come to cheer for their favorite athletes, we recommend today to determine the place of residence, as well as purchase tickets for the entrance. Contact the organizers regarding the group requests as soon as possible - tickets are almost sold out and reserving seats in the arena may be problematic.


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