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Devon: "They will see a Larratt they've never seen before!" >>>

Devon: "They will see a Larratt they've never seen before!"  # Armwrestling #

Devon Larratt gave a short interview to on his preparation for the upcoming match with "Russian Hulk" Denis Tsyplenkov ()

Devon, lately you do not often appear in the information space. What is the reason?

Yes, I “disappeared from the radars” for a while in order to look ahead and understand what I need to do in order to defeat Denis Tsyplenkov at the Vendetta All Stars in November. I even try to learn a few phrases in Russian.

Are you going, like Conor MacGregor, to use a trash-talk to unbalance your opponent?

No, I respect Denis very much, I really believe that this athlete is a living embodiment of power. I do not know anyone who could compare with him in terms of strength and professionalism. I watch all the available videos with him and the weights that he pulls ... fuh ... it's just incredible.

Does it scare you?

No, I just understand that even when I am betting on a strategy, I must somehow get as close as possible to him in terms of power indicators. That is why I made a sharp turn in my training process towards strength training. I am very grateful to PAL for making this match possible.

What do you mean by a “sharp turn”?

Before I used to have a lot of pulling before the big game, spent most of the time at the table. Now I am back in the gym and focused on working on my whole body.

I work with “iron”, I run, I do a lot of cardio during the day. I eat what I want, how much I want, when I want and spend almost all day in the gym. My goal is to make the whole system as optimal as possible.

How much do you weigh now how much are you going to weigh before the match with Denis?

I now weigh 255 pounds (115 kg) and, possibly, during the rest period before the match, when I consume more sugar and water, I will gain weight up to 260 - 270 pounds (117-122 kg). But, this is at best. Weight does not win the match, however, given my opponent, the extra weight will not be superfluous.

Do you believe that you will be able to defeat Denis? According to the latest measurements of Igor Mazurenko, the Russian Hulk has become stronger by 15-20%. He is preparing very seriously.

Really? This is very impressive! I want to beat this guy more than anything. I visualize our match every day and I know that I will achieve victory, even if it will not be easy. For this, I need to be in the best shape for my entire career.

This means that viewers will see a Devon Larratt they have never seen before!

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