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The “TOP 8” tournament will be held in 2019! >>>

The “TOP 8” tournament will be held in 2019! # Armwrestling #

At a press conference devoted to the “Zloty Tur 2018” World Cup, Igor Mazurenko presented to the public the Unified Rating of Professional Arm Wrestling (URPA), which the Professional Armwrestling League plans to launch in 2018, and also announced plans to hold in 2019 the first tournament of the top ranking division - “TOP 8” tournament. So, what is the top division of the ranking and what awaits us next year? ()

According to the official definition of PAL, the "TOP 8” tournament is the tournament of the highest division of theUnified Rating of Professional Armwrestling (URPA), which consists of a series of 6 round Vendetta  armwrestling matches and in which the eight strongest arm wrestlers of the world will take part.

Once in the URPA top division - “TOP 8” Division, the athlete signs a contract with Armwrestling Professional League, in which he receives a reward for each round won during the first and second stages of the tournament, reimbursement of all expenses related to the "TOP 8” events, as well as part of the main prize pool which is 121,000 US dollars. 

But the main thing that an athlete gets is fame all over the world.

How to get to the Division TOP 8?

Unified Rating of Professional Armwrestling (URPA) consists of 3 divisions: “General”, “Elite”, “TOP 8”.

Having gained the maximum number of rating points in the General Division, an athlete will have the right to compete in the “Elite” Division, which is the “Zloty Tur” World Cup.

The winner of the "Zloty Tur" in his category, as well as the winner of the highest number of points in the ranking of the Division “Elite” receive the right to hold the so-called “transitional” duel with the participants of the “TOP 8”, who took 7th and 8th place.

If the contenders win the transitional fights, they will be in the "TOP 8", and their rivals will fall into the “Elite” Division.

Thus, by winning the “Zloty Tour”, athletes have the opportunity to participate in the top division of the global ranking of professional arm wrestling.

Who will perform in the first season of the TOP 8.

Since the announced by PAL Unified Rating of Professional Arm Wrestling (URPA) will be launched only in December, one question arises: how will candidates for the first season of "TOP 8” be defined?

Igor Mazurenko, President of PAL, told that his team already has a vision of the first composition of the tournament.

Igor Mazurenko: 

“The first composition of the "TOP 8” will be formed from armwrestling stars, whose dominance on the world stage is beyond any doubt. We had no big problems with the choice of candidates for participation -  we have a history of previous Vendettas, the last Vendetta and Zloty Tur. It was much harder to allocate 8 people from the star pool.

After that, according to the rules of the tournament, we needed to divide this eight into Champions and Contenders. Here we found the results of past fights useful and, in my opinion, we managed to observe the principles of logic and justice.

A very big blow to our plans was the loss of Andrey Pushkar, who was certainly one of the"TOP 8” Champions of the first season. This tragedy changed a lot in professional arm wrestling, it’s impossible to replace Andrew by anyone, so"TOP 8” will be very different from the project that was originally created. In which direction - only the tournament itself will show.

At the moment, we have already discussed the possibility of participation with all candidates and received their positive responses, but we have difficulties with those who have contracts with other sports organizations. In the next 2-3 weeks we will hold negotiations and, I hope, we will find a solution that will allow athletes to take part in the tournament of the world's top division.

I will not mention the names of the participants so far; I can only say that we have ten candidates, two couples of whom will hold transitional Vendettas in January, and the first stage of the"TOP 8” is scheduled for April. Today, we are also negotiating with several large sponsors who want to accept the stages of "TOP 8” in their countries and the date of the first stage of the tournament will be known after these negotiations are completed. "

Stay tuned, we will keep you updated on developments!


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