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Oleg Zhokh regained consciousness and is already communicating with family. >>>

Oleg Zhokh regained consciousness and is already communicating with family. # Armwrestling #

Oleg Zhokh, World and European arm wrestling champion, who was seriously injured in a terrible car accident that took away the lives of Oleg’s father and Andrey Pushkar, and who was in a coma since November 14, regained consciousness and communicates with with his family. ()

According to the testimony of the family, Oleg is already talking and can answer questions.

Doctors say that, judging by the number of injuries and hematomas, the fact that Oleg survived is a real miracle!

Oleg is located in the regional hospital of Rivne, Ukraine. Offers of help for Oleg come from all over the world and in the capital of Ukraine, the city of Kiev, the best hospitals are ready to accept him for rehabilitation. But as for today doctors do not recommend to transport him, so as not to put him at risk.

There is a running fundraising to help Oleg and his family. His colleagues - eminent armwrestlers-professionals, organized a fundraiser online, as well as live, at the arena of the “Zloty Tur” Professional World Cup in Poland.

Levan Saginashvili, World and European Champion:

“The guys and I decided to raise money to help our friend right on the arena of the Vendetta All Stars tournament, where Oleg was heading to when an accident happened. It was an honor for me to collect these funds in the hall and I want to thank everyone who made their contribution.

We dedicated our fights to the memory of Andrey Pushkar and to the recovery of Oleg Zhokh and we will continue to take part in any projects that will help Oleg get back on his feet and return to the sport. He has everything ahead! ”

Igor Mazurenko, President of the Arm Wrestling Professional League:

“Today, Oleg is helped by a lot of people, money goes to the fundraiser accounts, he is visited by his fellow athletes, and the city authorities help him as well. For our part, in addition to raising funds for his family, we also keep the situation under control, make the necessary calls and are ready to provide any assistance.

The duel with Vitaly Laletin, in which Oleg was supposed to pull, was postponed, but Oleg and Vitaly now receive their fees in the amount foreseen for the case of a drawn outcome of the duel. And since we started talking about this, I also want to say that both Denis Tsyplenkov and Andrey Pushkar, his family, are receiving their fees in the amount foreseen for the case of a win.

On Monday, Oleg will have another surgery on his left hand this time. No one can say how many surgeries he will need, but experts are confident that Oleg will need a long and very expensive rehabilitation. Therefore, unfortunately, it is too early to relax. Oleg really needs our help. ”

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