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Sergey Kalinichenko will have surgical sutures removed on Wednesday. >>>

Sergey Kalinichenko will have surgical sutures removed on Wednesday. # Armwrestling #

Sergey Kalinichenko, Ukrainian armwrestler, three-time champion of the Ukrainian Cup, who took 2nd place on his left hand in the 105 kg category at the “Zloty Tur 2018” Professional World Cup and was injured during the match on the right hand underwent surgery in Ukraine. ()

Sergey got a spiral fracture of the humerus in a match with Alan Makeyev from Russia. 

Here is how Sergey himself tells about it:

“At the very beginning of the fight, I found a convulsion in the area of ​​the pronator, and when an opponent who, thanks to this, managed to get into a deep hook, began to attack, I had almost returned control of the situation. But, apparently, due to the fact that my hand was already twisted due to the pronator's convulsion, something went wrong and I did not even understand what had happened. I got medical help at the venue, and then I was taken to hospital in Gdynia. The road to the hospital took about an hour and all this time I felt a very strong pain. The Polish ambulance team refused to give me a painkiller, and such a fracture couldn’t be frozen.

For about an hour I was examined in the hospital, the doctors first tried to treat my elbow, but I told them that it was not the elbow, that it was the humerus. And only then they gave me a painkiller, although I kept asking them to do it before. Apparently Polish doctors have never encountered injuries of this nature. 

So I cannot blame the organizers of the Zloty Tur in these unpleasant moments - the whole thing in the Polish health care system. Anyway, thanks to the doctors for help.

In Ukraine, they inserted a modern implant for bone synthesis in my hand. On Wednesday, the stitches will be removed.

My right hand is in great shape and as soon as I can hold the handle of the table, I will return to training.

Why did this happen? In principle, I don’t have any health problems, but it could be weight loss before the Cup, or a large number of competitions in which I participated before the Cup. And perhaps the psychological state also played a role due to what happened to Andrei Pushkar. Constantly think about him. "

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