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Power and honor for Oleg Zhokh >>>

Power and honor for Oleg Zhokh # Armwrestling #

Katia Сrucitti launches new line of sports T-shirts under the “Forza e Onore”  brand (Power and Honor) and the first edition will be sold to help Oleg Zhokh. ()

On December 8, “Coppa Italia” -  Italian Armwrestling Cup will be held. 

The preparations to this important event began several months ago. The organizers, the Armwrestling Federation of Italy, in the best Italian traditions, think through every detail to ensure that the event is held at the highest level.

So, among other things, Katia Crucitti, the Head referee of the Armwrestling Federation of Italy, came up with the idea of ​​producing a line of T-shirts under the “Forza e Onore” brand (Power and Honor) dedicated to the upcoming event. Here is what she says about this:

“About two months ago I designed a collection of T-shirts.

“Forza e Onore” is my first brand, and, in the light of the tragedy that recently occurred in our world of armwrestling, I want to dedicate it to helping Oleg Zhokh in his struggle for life and health. The first  edition of the exclusive “Forza e Onore”  T-shirts from this collection will be sold next Saturday, December 8, at the Italian Cup tournament. All proceeds will be sent to Oleg’s mother’s account.

Anyone can order a t-shirt online as well by writing me an e-mail to address: .”

The Italian Cup tournament will take place at:

Villa alba

Corso Zanardelli, 153

25083 Gardone Riviera (Brescia)

Contact organizers:

+39 3803129125

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