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Happy Birthday, Don Mazurenko! >>>

Happy Birthday, Don Mazurenko! # Armwrestling #

Next year we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Polish armwrestling. But today, namely on December 9th - Igor Mazurenko celebrates his 50th birthday! ()

Fifty! Fifty sharp! Is it time to sum up? There is a lot to sum up! There are powerful sport and organizational achievements and successes!

But - there are also plans for the future for the next fifty years!

The plans, from which the doctorate and the TOP 8 Tournament are just a part that can be disclosed now.


On the occasion of this dignified Jubilee, we wish you the realization of the boldest plans, even those that have not yet been created in your head! For this you will need iron health, so we wish you iron health, resistance to sometimes bad fate and  constant pursuit of the goal!

Sports, organizational, managerial, scientific and media successes! Love and friendship around you. And once again - iron health!

Be, as always - at the forefront of the Polish, European and world armwrestling!

Happy Birthday, Don Mazurenko!


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