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Children's St. Nicholas Day tournament >>>

Children's St. Nicholas Day tournament # Armwrestling #

On Saturday, December 22, an annual arm wrestling tournament for children dedicated to St. Nicholas Day was held. The tournament was founded by Andrey Pushkar, who for many years personally visited the schools of his native city of Kremenets and invited children to take part in the tournament. ()

Competitions were traditionally held in the gym on the first floor of the Andrey Pushkar’s house. This year, the number of participants has broken all possible records: 13-15 kids fought in each category.

In connection with the recent tragic death of Andrey Pushkar, the founder and mastermind of the tournament, whose presence was so lacking for the participants of the tournament this year, parents of young athletes had concerns that due to what happened, the gym will be closed and the tournament may not take place.

But Andrey's wife, Svitlana Pushkar, reassured everyone that the gym would continue its work and the tournament would definitely take place. Parents expressed their gratitude for this decision. Svitlana took an active part in the preparation of the tournament together with Vadim Stetsyuk - the multiple World and European Champion and other enthusiasts who continue the work of the legendary Andrey Pushkar.

As a result, a lot of bright matches brought a lot of pleasure to the fans and the athletes themselves.

The heritage of Andrey Pushkar is in good hands!


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