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Igor Mazurenko takes off to Korea. >>>

Igor Mazurenko takes off to Korea. # Armwrestling #

On December 29, the fifth annual Silvis Classic tournament will take place in Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea. The tournament is organized by the Silvis Company, which for several years has been a leader in organizing armwrestling events in Korea. ()

Before flying to Seoul, Igor Mazurenko told about the goals of his visit.

“The Armwrestling Professional League has been cooperating with the Korean company "Silvis" for 4 years already. Our cooperation can be called more than successful primarily because we share common values. First of all, it is the love of armwrestling as a sports discipline and the desire to develop our favorite sport to the level of world mass sport disciplines. The second thing that unites us is the fact that the development of armwrestling, sports events organization, distribution of sports equipment are the only activities of both PAL and Silvis.Thanks to this focus we are rapidly moving forward towards our goal.

This is my first visit to Korea and I want to thank the President of the Armwrestling Federation of the Republic of Korea, as well as the owner of Silvis, Mr. Seung-Min Kenneth Bae, for inviting me to the tournament, as well as for many years of efforts to develop our sports discipline in Korea and beyond.

As part of the trip, I plan to hold a seminar where I will talk about the training programs of armwrestling professionals, our latest research in the field of armwrestling physiology. I am glad that I will have the opportunity to meet with Korean athletes and armwrestling fans. PAL and Silvis are planning another event during my visit, but let it be a surprise for the whole world. ”

Let's wish Igor a successful flight, and we will follow the news from Korea.

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