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Terzi-Tarasaitis: no dead heat! >>>

Terzi-Tarasaitis: no dead heat! # Armwrestling #

In a few days, on February 9, the first URPA-certified event will take place in Istanbul, and its results will be included in the Unified Rating of Professional Armwrestling. ()

This event will be a rating armfight between Engin Terzi (Turkey) and Mindaugas Tarasaitis (Lithuania).
On the one hand, they are completely different athletes, but they have a common feature - the main weapon is their mind. The fight will take place in 5 rounds both hands, so there will be no draw, and this armfight will give the final answer to the question of who is stronger.

These athletes have repeatedly met at the table, and the total score of their meetings is 2:2. In fact, they already know each other well, but this fact is good for both of them, because both can perfectly analyze rivals and pick up the keys for them to win.

Engin Terzi is undoubtedly a legend of our sport, a multiple world champion who has been in sports for more than a quarter of a century! To this day he is at the top. His endless experience will certainly be one of advantages. Engin knows armwrestling well and everything connected with him allows him to prepare for fights as efficiently as possible, so he taught us all to the fact that if he goes to the table, then this is no test of strength, he goes only for victory. Besides experience, a great time in sports has a downside - these are injuries and Engin mentioned about it not once. And this fact can be one of the obstacles on his way to victory. Another no less important problem may be weight loss, Engin fit in a limit of up to 70 kg and even up to 65 kg at the Worlds-2018, but we know that it is not easy for him. Weight loss before this fight can also affect its shape and condition during the fight.

Mindaugas Tarasaitis is a sportsman of another generation. Despite the fact that he is much younger than his rival, we cannot say that his sports IQ is lower. The fight of Mindaugas is always very technical and thought out. If he fails, he immediately tries to change the style, he thinks and decides right during the fight. His main trump card, perhaps, will be his endurance, thanks to which he defeated Engin in their last fight in the Zloty Tur.

Mindaugas is also more active in terms of performances, which allows him to be in good shape.

So, ther will be no dead heat, and it is very difficult to give preference to someone. Even the opinions of the top armwrestlers of the category up to 70 kg were divided.

Emil Amirshadyan (Armenia), world champion:
"I think their fight will not be easy, Mindaugas has one good technique where he takes a good grip, but he has to add triceps, since I think that any toproller should be able to use triceps during a fight. But I noticed that his technique does not work with Engin because Engin knows what to oppose to this. Personally, I think Engin Terzi is the smartest armwrestler in the world. In our sport he is very attentive in everything, I think he will also use toproll in this fight, because it’s a bad option to pull in bicep with Mindaugas. Therefore, I think there will be a toproll fight. This is a good fight, their strength and chances are the same, but I would prefer Engin Terzi. But do I want to underestimate Mindaugas and do not advise anyone to do it".

Oleg Cherkasov (Russia), world champion:
"Honestly, I draw conclusions based on past performances. For example, Engin could not win Vileni Gabrava’s left hand, and for the right he lost to Mindaugas on the last Zloty Tur. I think Tarasaitis is physically stronger and Engin has a chance only for a quick victory, if Mindaugas does not have time to turn on. In a pure struggle, I prefer Mindaugas".
Daniel Procopciuk (Moldova), world champion, shared with us a very detailed opinion. Daniel is familiar with both participants and he has repeatedly met at the table with each of them. Daniel did a deep analysis, but he gave the advantage to one of the participants only on the right hand. You can read Daniel’s full opinion in a separate article.

Well, we only have to wait a few days with you to enjoy the beautiful armwrestling and find out the result of this wonderful duel. What do you think, with what result will this fight end?

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