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The plot is charged with drama. Analytics from Daniel Procopciuk >>>

The plot is charged with drama. Analytics from Daniel Procopciuk # Armwrestling #

Moldavian fighter Daniel Procopciuk has in his sports baggage fights with both Engin Terzi and Mindaugas Tarasytis, so he analyzed the possible situation and the outcome of armfights. ()

It has become very fashionable to attach importance to the “epic” one way or another in armwrestling, but this fight is really worth paying attention to.  This is a plot charged with drama when a young, gifted, intelligent and super-promising champion will fight with a real the legend of our sport, which surprises everyone when, it would seem, what else can surprise.

According to the facts and my feelings:

Engin is faster than Mindaugas, but Mindaugas is tougher and with each round it adapts better to the opponent's technique, he becomes more and more inconvenient. After a very powerful start, Engin, if he does not finish round very fast, or if he cannot immediately take on an advantageous position for himself, with each new jerk he becomes noticeably weaker; in this regard, Mindaugas is much more stable.

Both of them are toprollers, but Engin is incredibly strong in stretching and lateral pressure, and like noone he can transfer the fight to his side of the table, while Mindaugas has a pronation that I did not feel with anybody in 70 - 80 kg classes. If we compare anthropometrically, I think the dimensions of Mindaugas are more favorable for his pronation to have an advantage over stretch.

Both are very smart and will never miss their own, but it seems to me that Engin outwitses his opponent, but Mindaugas is more patient and his cold mind will help with the calculation. Southern temperament versus northern composure – this also needs to be added to the prediction algorithm.

From the non-standard arsenal - Engin can pull in hook, but Mindaugas can pull with a dead wrist, and I am wondering who worked more on the plan B. But it seems to me that the push will be used much more.

It will be an armfight for both hands, and once left hand is best one for Mindaugas, after his last competition he seemed to me either injured or overtrained and if he didn’t fix this case, then he will have difficulty. If they start with left-handed armfights, it can affect his mood and influence on right-handed fight (it can demoralize but maybe vice versa).

The fact that the action will not happen in neutral territory is, of course, in favor of Engin.

All these moments, and many others, I am sure, are analyzed by both the experienced Champions, which means that each of them has prepared reactions for various situations.

Based on all this, thinking and assuming, leaving aside the respect that I have in equal measure to both - if they spend 6 rounds for each hand and the weight of the athletes does not exceed 75kg, I think the left one will be 3: 3 and the right 4: 2 in favor of Mindaugas.

I look forward to and will follow it closely!

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