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A Historic Partnership: PAL & Bulldog to Revolutionise Arm Wrestling in India >>>

A Historic Partnership: PAL & Bulldog to Revolutionise Arm Wrestling in India # Armwrestling #

PAL Joins Bulldog to Host India’s First World Arm Wrestling Ranking Series. ()

A New Dawn for Indian Arm Wrestling

Did you know that arm wrestling has been an organized sport in India for the last 43 years? We bet you didn’t! However, India has never hosted a world-ranking event with a unified ranking system for Indian athletes to prove their mettle.

What most people do not know is that professional arm wrestlers go through the same amount of turmoil and rigorous training, like athletes of more popular sports, to be able to compete in International competitions. Unfortunately, majority of the Indian arm wrestlers have to face a lot of hardships due to insufficient finances, which barely covers their cost of living; which in turn affects their fitness and performance levels.

According to Ronnie Sehgal, CEO of Bulldog Armwrestling, ‘’There is no dearth of talented arm wrestlers in India. I have personally come across some of the most dedicated arm wrestlers in the country who have devoted their life to the sport. These athletes deserve the right recognition and support, which they have been deprived of, for a very long time. That is about to change very soon.

Bulldog Armwrestling will revolutionize the sport in India by providing a platform for these athletes to showcase their skills, along with providing a lifetime career opportunity. My vision is to see Indian arm wrestlers competing in world renowned competitions like the Zloty Tur and PAL Top 8, to name a few.’’

According to Igor Mazurenko, PAL President, “I have always believed that India has a great potential for professional arm wrestling. Now with Bulldog Armwrestling, we will strive to build an infrastructure that will enable more than 1, 00, 000 Indian arm wrestlers to take part in the global rating events. This new partnership will greatly benefit the Indian arm wrestlers, as the global URPA ranking will help them to gain international recognition in more than 100 countries. With the implementation of PAL’s knowledge and expertise, we foresee an influx of funds for further development of arm wrestling in India. This will directly increase the level of organizing competitions, especially with regards to the amount of cash prizes for the participants.”




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