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What if... Rustam Babaev vs Dmitry Trubin >>>

What if... Rustam Babaev vs Dmitry Trubin # Armwrestling #

The first stage of the draw for the Top-8 tournament has not yet happen, however, we know that pairs will be made up of Contender and Champion. So using this it is possible to make predictions for matches. ()

Let’s suppose that we get a pair of Rustam Babaev and Dmitry Trubin after the draw. In this pair, Babaev will be declared as Champion and Trubin as Challenger, since he lost three Vendettes in a row against Andrey Pushkar, Dave Chaffey and Levan Saginashvili. Thus, in order to establish in the tops, Dmitry will need to win this stage.

As for the last opponents of Trubin on the Vendetta, we can say that they won using toproll against him. Looking at the difference in the length of the arms of Babaev and Trubin, it is unlikely that Rustam will choose the tactics of toproll, which may give Dmitry a good advantage.

Among the rivals of Rustam Babaev we can recall Evgeny Prudnik and Ermes Gasparini, who can be compared with Trubin on technique. Rustam has both victories and losses in that fights. However, it is worth noting that in the fight with Gasparini, Ermes imposed to Rustam an uncomfortable toproll, and even after catching the rival before the pad, Rustam got foul and in the end he defeated.

The question is will Rustam be able to adapt to the toproll fight and impose competition on his territory. After all, Babayev’s signature technique is hook.

Such a pair is undoubtedly quite intriguing, considering that the athletes have repeatedly met at various tournaments at the table over the past few years, and, in most cases, Babaev has been able to win. Is it possible to assume that the tournament grid and Rustam's quick start played a big role in these victories? If so, would he have enough endurance to confront Trubin in all six rounds? The format of Top-8 can give another advantage to Dmitry Trubin - weight and endurance will be on his side there.

The main thing we don’t want to see a fight live Tim Bresnan vs Rustam Babaev at last Vendetta - because of many fouls we couldn’t understand is Babaev able to pull with superheavyweighters?

Trubin and Babaev are undoubtedly both experienced and technical athletes, but each of them has his strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, armfight Trubin vs Babaev can truly become one of the most unpredictable and spectacular.

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