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Polish contestants, our "Cubs" have taken third place at the tournament and brought home eight medals. Let's read a bit more about VISEGRAD ARMWRESTLING GP. ()

As told by Atilla Csabai

What were the beginnings of this tournament?

Atilla Csabai: Exactly 15 years ago, the Slovakian Federation (Marian Capla), The Czech Federation (Milan Svoboda) and the Hungarian Federation launched this tournament. The first edition took place in Slovakia, the next one in Hungary and the one after that in the Czech Republic. And so it went on, year after year. Our goal is to put our juniors to the test.

International events like this one are a great way to see who's ready to represent their country at the Europeans or the Worlds. The next to join in were teams from Poland, Belgium and Croatia.


How many contestants took part in the first tournament and how many in this latest edition?

Atilla Csabai: The first tournament had less than 40 contestants. This year we had almost seventy. Each country holds championships and cup events for juniors, but only a few can make the national teams. VISEGRAD ARMWRESTLING GP is for everybody, that;s what the event is for. We also have Para - armwrestling categories.

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