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What if: Prudnik vs Kvikvinia >>>

What if: Prudnik vs Kvikvinia # Armwrestling #

We continue the analysis of potential pairs of champions and contenders participating in the Top-8, and consider the likely result of the draw, which will put Genady Kvikvinia and Evgeniy Prudnik in the pair at the first stage. ()

In this pair, Evgeniy will be represented as the contender, and Genady as the champion. Why is this pair potentially interesting?

The fact is that these two athletes met once and only at a friendly sparring in Kyiv, where Genady Kvikvinia came to the open training session of Evgeniy Prudnik back in 2014. Both armwrestlers were then approximately at the same level, but this level was unequivocally lower than now each of them.

According to Evgeniy in a recent interview on ArmBetsTV, Genady is a strong and multifaceted rival. Prudnik noted that Kvikvinia had not only one strength, but a whole range of qualities, including a quick start, various techniques and excellent endurance. Also, Evgeniy said that he always tries to find a suitable “key” to each individual opponent, and we can say the same about Gennady. Therefore, an armfight can show us an interesting tactical fight, where each of the athletes will try to think through moves in advance.

Let us review in details the technique of each athlete.

Evgeniy Prudnik's crown movement is a hook, but there is also a very strong toproll in his arsenal. Evgeniy uses toproll during the to win qualifying fights at the start for not got tired before the final. For equal in strength and experience of athletes, with whom Evgeniy meets in finals, he pulls his ace from the sleeve - a hook movement, designed for a long struggle for endurance.

As an example, we can recall the fight with Sergey Bogoslovov for reaching the finals of the Worlds-2017, when Prudnik, retaining his hook “fresh”, was able to defeat his opponent, who also has a hook as dominant style. However, the Top-8 format is not a world championship grid. Here all fights are with one athlete. In this case, only in the first fights Evgeniy can use the same strategy, start fast with toproll. Well, then, probably, he still will have to pull with Genady in the hook, and measure their endurance.

As for the technique of Genady Kvikvinia, we can say that it is quite similar to the Prudnik technique, except for the fact that Genady often pins his opponent with the hook at the start. That is, instead of the toproll, like Evgeniy, Genady uses a quick start in the hook when passing through the grid. Even when the opponent manages to hold Kvikvinia’s hook, Genady can still impose his fight at the expense of various developed angles and endurance. For example, in a fight with his clubmate Levan Saginashvili, Kvikvinia showed more than once how diverse his technique was - he manages to actively pull not only in the biceps, but also in the triceps, which helps him to win over Levan due to his endurance, despite that Levan is larger than Genady.

The main question is that  could Genady  Kvikvinia and Evgeniy Prudnik can also try their strength on an equal fight, as in sparring in 2014, or did any of them have progressed more? We, of course, hope for a spectacular fight and wish both athletes good luck!

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