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Official SENEC HAND statement regarding WAF letter to all WAF members >>>

Official SENEC HAND statement regarding WAF letter to all WAF members # Armwrestling #


Dear friends, athletes, colleagues, officials...

I am very sad from what is happening to armwrestling these days. It’s reminded me past years, when it also started with people’s ban and finished with WAF split.

Last week a letter was published, where all refferees who will attend „WAF non supported events“ will get a ban. Yesterday an open letter has been published that event, which has 26 year old history is banned due to some reasons.

Never in 26 year history, WAF was concerned about Senec Hand. Now some officials started to play their own Games of Thrones and put it on the black list. I do not support this. As organiser, I was all those years following WAF rules and did all my best to develop respectfull international event.

At Senec Hand, we followed WAF rules in the past, following WAF rules now and will follow WAF rules in future as well.

We will not select athlets who can attend and who can not – everybody is welcomed!

Due to fact, we had some troubles with current budget, we reduced financial prizes to non URPA athlets. I admit, it was bad step. Thas is why, on this place, I confirm, that financial prizes will be equal to all athlets also this year!

Dear friends, athletes, colleagues, officials. Senec Hand is your tournament. Senec Hand belongs to You. Do not let anybody to steal it or destroy it. Today it is Senec Hand, tomorrow any other tournament can be on black list. It is not pro-sport, it will kill the sport.

Dear friends,
We are waiting all of you. Show to WAF that sport is stronger that some political games.

Marian Capla



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