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Great challenges of Ermes Gasparini >>>

Great challenges of Ermes Gasparini # Armwrestling #

We saw Ermes Gasparini at last time on spring 2017, when he was pulling Michael Todd and won him. Before this fight he crashed Zloty Tur’s open class. And then he had a break for two years. ()

Recently we noticed Ermes shared some pictures from his workouts. Does it mean that he comes back? What happened with one of the strongest armwrestlers?

You was absent in armwrestling for long time. Was it because of health issues?

– I have been absent from competitions for almost 2 years. I had a problem on my right wrist, I did a surgical operation here in Verona but it was not successful. I had to do another operation in Milan and they managed to solve the problem. This problem bothered me since I was 13 and now I'm fine.

How are you going to come back to workouts and tournaments?

– For now, I have resumed training. I plan to I start pulling again on the next competition with the left arm, and when the right wrist will be recovered recovered to 100% I will also pull right-handed. I think my next tournament will be Super Match here in Italy if I feel good.

Did you watch what was going on in your weight class? What do you think about Evgeniy Prudnik, Rustam Babaiev and Dmitry Trubin’s chances in Top-8?

– Prudnik and Babaiev are very strong guys! I met Prudnik in the final at Zloty Tur 2013 in the 86kg class and I had lost, but now things have changed and I would like to test myself with him. I won Babaiev at Zloty Tur 2016 final, but I would like to challenge him again and declare my victory over him... Trubin has too weak start, he will never reach the top of the standings, because we must also have good genetics not just muscles.

How do you like Top-8 and ranking idea?

– Top-8 is a beautiful event I would like to participate! I have to look at the new regulations soon... I just want to say that now I'm fine and I'm recovering well! I thank all those who support me! See you soon!

So we hope Ermes can come back worthily and gain his strength even more than it was, as soon as he is going to change his weight class to 105 kg. Wish him good luck and good health!

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