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Unpredictable Tim Bresnan # Armwrestling #

Tim Bresnan is a unique participant in the Top-8 tournament. He is the only armwrestling representative from the United States. As well as the oldest athlete, this year he is 54 years old. According to the rules of WAF, he can pull in grandmasters’ class, so why is he worthy to participate in this grand tournament? ()

We will understand under what conditions he can get to the final or, on the contrary, lose the tournament.

Yes, Tim lost the last 2 Vendettas, but his defeats were not so simple. In the last meeting, against Rustam Babaiev, he lost only because of weaker technical training, his hand was never pinned. But the list of defeated rivals in armfights is very impressive: Krasimir Kostadinov, Dmitry Silaev, Alexey Voevoda, Evgeniy Prudnik, not to mention the fact that he successfully pulls with all American elite.

Traditionally, we analyze the most successful draw outcome for Tim and vice versa.

In the first round, it seems obvious that Rustam or Gennadiy should be Tim’s rival, especially since Tim had an unfinished conversation with them: “Of course Genadi or Babaiev would be better for redemption. I think they got me at time I was not at full strength and I did anything I wanted except I didn't have the power to finish matches. Although neither they have the strength to do anything with me".

It will be optimal if in the first round Tim wins one of them, let's say Rustam, and gets to Gennady, who will stand out among the champions in the first round.

No one will argue that Tim has a very good chance of winning these rivals. To defeat Rustam, he needs to add the technical side and better feeling of the table in order to avoid defeat by fouls. In the fight against Gennady, there was not enough speed of reaction to the referee's command. And, in fact, both of these aspects Tim may well pull up.

What should happen for Tim to lose the tournament? In the first round, he should get on Denis Tsyplenkov, as he says: “I don't really worry about who I will fight. Except Denis. I would have liked to fight him few years ago. When I was at one ask of my strength. Not that if now I wouldn't give him a great fight just not sure if I'm still in that place”. In the second round, Tim could get on Dmitry Trubin, who will not be able to defeat Levan Saginashvili. And Tim himself wants this fight: “I would like to see myself vs Trubin in round 2 too. Like me Trubin hasn't been at his best last 2 fights”. Nevertheless, Dmitry knock Tim out to fight for the 7th place.

Almost every match of Tim Bresnan is absolutely unpredictable and this is incredibly interesting. For him it really doesn’t matter what the draw will be, and we can be sure that we will see spectacular armwrestling and a wonderful show.

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