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PAL/URPA open letter to ALL WAF members >>>

PAL/URPA open letter to ALL WAF members # Armwrestling #

PAL/URPA open letter to ALL WAF members ()

Dear WAF members,

We, the Armwrestling Professional League (PAL) are asking you for help and would like to explain our vision of the situation that arose in connection with the WAF banning the participation of the WAF referees in PAL competitions, as well as professional competitions of various organizers, whose results are entered into the Unified Rating of Professional Armwrestling ( URPA), which is supported by the PAL IT team.

As you know, PAL has been developing professional arm wrestling throughout the world for the past 18 years, introducing international standards for conducting events, many of which are used during the WAF championships.

Despite the fact that WAF unites amateur armwrestling federations, we have always defended the fundamental principles of WAF, including the WAF Competition Rules and anti-doping committee decisions. We intend to continue to adhere to the basic principles of the WAF to preserve the unity of our international armwrestling family.

In addition to our organization, there are many professional armwrestling promotional organizations in the world today.

Thanks to the many years of WAF efforts, as well as our professional league, arm wrestling today attracts more and more people. Accordingly, different organizations increase the number of their athletes, open offices in different countries. As private companies, these organizations, unfortunately, often come up with their own rules, starting from the very beginning the path that PAL and WAF have already been through.

This is reflected in the number of injuries and other consequences during competitions of such organizations.

But the most important thing is that it reflects on the image of our sports discipline all over the world.

In order to organize a professional movement, as well as to provide athletes, referees and organizers with new international opportunities, the world's first mathematical rating URPA was created.

The URPA rating is not a promotional organization. This is a system that takes the results of competitions that meet certain criteria and compares them on an online platform.

As a result, the organizers attract more athletes, athletes gain world renown, and viewers begin to discuss the digital results of armwrestlers registered in the ranking.

The main criterion for our rating is the WAF rules, which we promote along with the promotion of our rating.

Not so long ago, on the part of the WAF, a ban on the participation of the WAF referees in the PAL / URPA competitions was announced, allegedly due to the fact that our rules do not specifically mention the WAF rules.

And prior to this ban, we have not received any proposals from the WAF to amend our rules. However, after that happened, in order to eliminate the contradictions, we made changes to the rules and they are already available on the rating website at the link (see Provision 1.3):

We ask you to influence the WAF leaders to lift the ban for the referee, as it is not only not useful for any of the parties, but also hurts everyone, including the WAF referee team.

We took this step towards as a sign of our devotion to the fundamental principles of the WAF, its long history, as well as to the athletes, coaches and referees who make up the heart and body of our beloved organization.

We hope for your understanding and help.



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