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What if: Kvikvinia vs Trubin >>>

What if: Kvikvinia vs Trubin # Armwrestling #

What can be expected from the match between Gennady Kvikvinia and Dmitry Trubin, which may be held as the result of the draw for the Top-8 tournament. In this pair, Kvikvinia will be declared as a champion, and Trubin will be the contender. ()

The two athletes have never met before, but both have experience with Dave Chaffee. Thanks to this, we can determine the level of their preparation and roughly compare them with each other. Of course, they both lost to Chaffee, but because Dave is not able to participate in the Top-8 under the contract with WAL, Gennady is among the champions.

Interestingly, both athletes pulled Dave after being injured. Gennady got his injury before Vendetta, and Dmitry – during it. Of course, this did not allow them to give one hundred percent in fights with the Americanarm fighter. We can say that going out to battle with Chaffee, Trubin and Kvikvinia were equally prepared.

Despite the loss of Gennady, who was not in the best shape due to injury, the armfight Kvikvinia vs Chaffey in 2018 pleased us with a very bright fight. Gennady competently approached the technical component of his training, because, he was not able to prepare fully from the strength point of view.

It was fruitful - he managed to win one duel in an unusual technique, which surprised analysts who had predicted a dry loss, and once again proved its versatility. Unfortunately, he failed to win an armfight, as the correct approach have been found too late.

As for the armfight of Trubin vs Chaffee - Dmitri prepared for Chaffee's typical fight in the hook. Therefore, it came as a surprise to him that Dave used toproll techniques against him. Will Dmitry and Gennady not allow the same mistake, considering him a pure hook-puller? An example of the last armfight Kvikvinia-Chaffee showed that Gennady is a very versatile athlete and can find a way out of any situation.

Probable duel of Trubin-Kvikvinia will show us a spectacular fight. I wonder if Kvikvinia uses the same tactics against Trubin as against Chaffee, can he win? Or will he be able to surprise us with a special tactic chosen for Dmitry and will once again prove that he can pick up the key to difficult opponents? As for Dmitry, let us hope that he will have time to recover from all his recent injuries and will be able to give everything in the upcoming armfight for one hundred percent.

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