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What if: Bresnan - Kvikvinia? >>>

What if: Bresnan - Kvikvinia? # Armwrestling #

Let's try to figure out how the confrontation between Tim Bresnan and Genadi Kvikvinia, which can take place as a result of the upcoming draw, can be resolved. In such pair, Kvikvinia will represent the champions, and Bresnan will represent the contenders. ()

These two athletes had previously met at the Vendetta 2017 in Las Vegas, and their duel ended quite unexpectedly. Bresnan was unambiguously the favorite, but the first round turned out to win Genadi with fouls.

In the second round, Tim approached the fight more concentrated, and he managed to open Genadi’s wrist with toproll. Genadi decided not to slip from the grip with Tim, and this played a joke with him - Bresnan easily imposed his fight and blocked Kvikvinia’s hook, knocked out his wrist, and then crushed in triceps.

It seemed that it would be impossible for Genadi to defeat Tim because of his superior wrist. But there was a turning point, which once again proves that Kvikvinia is a very intelligent fighter - Gennady finds the same key that have been working all the other 4 rounds in a row against Tim. Even without taking advantage of the grip, Kvikvinia, with lost wrist, holds out Bresnan’s hand to the pillow with a powerful starting movement.

Armwrestling is an unpredictable sport.

It seems to be that logical predicted outcome of the armfight turned upside down.

For Tim, in order to impose his technique, it was necessary to slip. If this happened, it would have been more difficult for Genadi to make the move that allowed him to win. Therefore, probably Bresnan in the upcoming training will focus on the reaction and start, so as not to catch the attacking Genadi, but to start first.

Genadi’s hook is enough to push Bresnan, but he lacks a wrist to impose this technique on Tim. Therefore, there are two options for the development of event: if Kvikvinia restored the injured hook, then he will most likely focus on strengthening his wrist. But since Genadi managed to win one match in the fight against Dave Chaffee, he may even risk using it against Bresnan if he prepares it more thoroughly.

It would be very interesting to see the new armfight of these armwrestlers and find out if Tim could understand his mistake, would he not allow such an outcome again? And, of course, it is curious to find out how Genadi will build his preparation for the fight with Tim, knowing his strengths and weaknesses.

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