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What if: Kurdecha vs Kvikvinia >>>

What if: Kurdecha vs Kvikvinia # Armwrestling #

Another potential pair that we want to discuss before the draw will be Alex Kurdecha and Gennady Kvikvinia. In this pair Kurdecha will represent the contenders, and Kvikvinia will represent the champions. ()

Alex Kurdecha is an athlete from Poland who burst into a heavy category as a locomotive. Especially Alex showed himself at the Zloty Tur in 2017, taking third place in the category of 110+ kg. At the same time, Alex managed to win such famous athletes as Sabin Badulesku, Arif Ertem, David Kapp and George Tsvetkov. With such statistics, Alex can hardly be called an outsider in a potential armfight with Kvikvinia. Moreover, judging by the last meeting Kurdechi with Scot Mendelson, Alex was able to progress well. According to Alex, while preparing for this meeting, he and his team did a tremendous job that allowed him to reach a new level.

Technically, Kurdecha is not a one-sided athlete. In his fights, we can say that he is good at fighting toproll, which can be a problem for Kvikvinia. It is difficult to assess the level of force of Alex's hook movement, because he did not use it so often. However, this technique is not clearly Alex's weak point.

If we look at the struggle of Gennady, he also had to fight more than once with the same rivals as Alex did. The only difference is that Alex won toprolling, and Gennady - with his crown fight in the hook. Therefore, it is difficult to evaluate the winning chances using the example of these fights. This is why such a potentially meeting is interesting.

Kvikvinia has repeatedly proved in armfights that he is a thinking athlete, and for Kurdecha he will clearly choose a special strategy. Since Alex has a good start, Gennady will first go to the straps. Then everything will depend on how Gennady was able to recover from the injury. If for a hundred percent - he will definitely twist Alex into the hook, in which Gennady is very resilient. Well, if it fails to restore the hand fully, then Gennady will have to use the plan that he used in the fight against Dave Chaffee. The fight with Dave will be a great help for the preparation of this technique for the fight with Kurdecha.

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