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A draw for Dmitry Trubin >>>

A draw for Dmitry Trubin # Armwrestling #

Dmitry Trubin is the star of Kazakhstan armwrestling and one of the most popular Top-8 athletes. But Dmitry also keeps his form very unstable, sometimes he gains top condition and defeats Michael Todd in armfight or Andrey Pushkar in regular tournaments. And sometimes he loses in regional tournaments to middleweights. ()

Let’s suppose Dmitry can make his best shape, and during the tournament he will not only keep it at the proper level, but also improve his performance. In this case, the Kazakhstan champion will be able to give battle to any of the four of the group of champions. But still, perhaps, the best lot for Dmitry would be to get on Rustam Babaiev or Gennady Kvikvinia.

And even though Rustam considers Dmitry a convenient rival for himself, still the anthropometry of the hands suggests the opposite, and the fight with a huge number of fouls against Tim Bresnan is proof of that. In order to fight confidently against the Ukrainian armwrestler, Dmitry needs to work out the starting fight in the center of the table in order to prevent Rustam from jumping, or at least imposing the fight in hook. If Dmitry will not lose the starting movement, then the victory is likely to be behind him.

Gennady, as the last armfights show, has exactly the problem with rivals who pull toproll.

Although it should be noted that just like Rustam, at the start, Genady can quickly get involved in the hook and in triceps. Consequently, Dmitriy must remove the same weak points for both potential rivals, it will greatly simplifies preparation, and if it will be a good draw, it almost guarantees him getting into the final. As for the final, Dmitry would certainly have been more comfortable pulling against Denis Tsyplenkov, with whom he may even have some chances of winning. Although the very fact of the pulling for the first place in such a tournament is certainly a success.

Dmitriy determines that in the first pair the main thing for him is not to get on the favorites - Denis Tsyplenkov and Levan Saginashvili.

On the other hand, if Dmitry is not lucky with the draw and fails to bring the top form, he may get the fight for the 7th place. To do this, in the first stage of the tournament he needs to get such an undesirable Levan Saginashvili, in the second - the same Rustam or Gennady, whom Tim Bresnan or Evgeny Prudnik can knock out into the B-group, and Dmitry will not prepare against their starting movements.

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