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Normunds Tomsons: I will defend the first place in the ranking! >>>

Normunds Tomsons: I will defend the first place in the ranking! # Armwrestling #

Latvian fighter Normunds Tomsons shared his story of performances at the Riga Open tournament and reflections on the URPA rating. ()

Normunds Tomsons is an experienced Latvian armwrestler, a participant in many international tournaments. How does he evaluate his performance at Riga Open? What does think about the need for a rating in armwrestling?

Normunds, which time did you participate in Riga Open? Are you satisfied with your results?

- At the Riga Open tournament I didn’t fight too often, because I need to let others win too! And this year I was only motivated by the URPA and my dream to meet with fellow countryman Sandris Sedis - the athlete who won the Zloty Tur in the category of 105 kg - but he did not come. The results of the last years of participation were similar, basically I took the first places. I am a little dissatisfied with my left hand, because after the operation it can not work for a long time under extreme loads.

Was it hard to pull?

- Although there are some microtraumas in my right hand, I won the tournament (my category and open class) easily.

I won the category on my left hand, but in open I met again with an athlete from my category Edikas Petkus from Lithuania. He's great. In my opinion, I have not met him so strong yet.

Now you keep 1st place in a unified rating. What does this mean for you?

- Oh really! Cool! It is an honor! There will be something to boast to the sons that a father, after 25 years of successful experience in the category “Pro-men”, may still be in the first place in the world!

I like to compete. I will be happy to defend my place in the ranking. I am sure that with luck I can win anybody.

What do you think about the idea of ​​ranking in general? Can such a rating encourage athletes to fight more?

- In armwrestling there should be a new inspiration that will develop our sport as a whole and motivate each athlete separately. URPA rating can be great. But if this promising project includes doping control, then URPA and its creators will be written in capital letters in the pages of history!

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