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Rustam Babayev: Prudnik is not the best option for me >>>

Rustam Babayev: Prudnik is not the best option for me # Armwrestling #

Is Rustam Babayev happy with the draw? How he will fight with Prudnik? ()

The confrontation between Rustam Babaev and Evgeniy Prudnik has a long history, the continuation of which we will see on Top-8 in Malaysia. Rustam shared his thoughts on this.

Rustam, are you satisfied with the draw?

- I do not want say anything bad about the "draw", but the draw is so-so. About the opponent. As I already said, he is not the most convenient option for me as I am. Although, I think Levan would be worse for Evgeniy. It would be better if we got caught in at least the second round. Because if there is a long struggle, then we can get unpleasant injuries and further progress will stop for both.

What do you think will be your basis in the fight against Evgeniy: strength, endurance, technique or strategy?

- All will see my benefits at the table when fighting. My shape is good, but it must be brought to the ideal.

What do you think, what are your chances to stay in the top four and continue to fight for first place?

- There is always a chance. Sometimes you need a little luck. Especially the "lightweight" because I am probably the lightest of the whole eight.

Denis Tsyplenkov was hospitalized. Do you think it will ease this overall tension in the eight?

- What to say!? Vitaliy Laletin is not like Denis, but far from a simple option. And I wish Denis more health and well-being. To recover as quickly as possible!

We wait for the fight, which undoubtly will be the masterpiece! You can learn more detailed information about the Top 8 and get access to viewing the event on the website

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