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Laletin: I was not ready for such a situation >>>

Laletin: I was not ready for such a situation # Armwrestling #

Is it possible to fight Dmitry Trubin without sufficient preparation? Soon Vitaly Laletin can answer this question. ()

Vitaly Laletin was signed in the Top-8 as a reserve participant, but because of the situation that has developed with Denis Tsyplenkov he needs to get in shape in a short time to replace his outgoing colleague. In addition, Vitali still has time to successfully compete in local tournaments, which means that his form is not too bad for Top-8 either.

Vitali, how did you react to the news that Denis will not be able to participate in the Top-8 and you will have to replace it?

- I was disappointed when I learned that Denis would not fight, I was not ready for such a turn of events. I wish Denis a speedy recovery, I will fight over the top for him.

How can you comment on the results of the draw? As for Denis (already for you), and for the other participants.

- I think the draw is absolutely normal! We have equal couples.

Less than a month is left before the fight, and your rival Dmitry Trubin. What form are you in now and is there enough time for you to fit the form?

- There is, of course, little time for preparation, I am not particularly ready, but I will do my best. Dmitry is a very strong and worthy opponent!

How do you assess your chances of getting to the top of the Top 8?

- There is always a chance.


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