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Nobody comes for the loss, - Trubin >>>

Nobody comes for the loss, - Trubin # Armwrestling #

Dmitry Trubin got a new opponent after replacing Denis Tsyplenkov. Is he pleased with this replacement? What does he expect from the fight? ()

Dmitry, how do you like the results of the draw?

- I think that pairs in Vendetta were formed very well according to the draw. Prudnik and Babaev have long-standing unresolved issues that they can close. Of course, Bresnan lacks a lot for Saginashvili, but this is not a reason to underestimate him, because he is here to surprise us.

Who do you think it would be harder for you to pull - with Tsyplenkov or with Laletin?

- Denis Tsyplenkov and Vitaly Laletin are two completely different athletes with their technique and style. Vitali in no case can not be underestimated, because he is very strong. And in general, no one should be underestimated, because it can turn against you.

What do you think will be your basis in the fight against Vitali: strength, endurance, technique or strategy?

- At the moment I can not say that it will be speed. Of course, physically I am stronger than Vitaly, but, in my opinion, he is faster, so I will work on the start. Now I feel fine, just a little cold. Last weeks before the competition I will recover from the power phase, as well as work on the start.

What are your chances to stay in the top four and continue to fight for first place?

- As for my chances to stay in the upper grid, I will answer as always - the table will show. We need to wait for the fight. Of course, no one comes for the loss, everyone comes for the victory. Who do I see as winners in the rest of the meetings? I’m sure that Levan will definitely win, and in other meetings there will be a struggle!


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