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Expertise: Trubin vs Laletin >>>

Expertise: Trubin vs Laletin # Armwrestling #

We asked experts to share their visions about the fight of Evgeniy Prudnik and Rustam Babaiev. Raimonds Liepins, Janis Amolins, Engin Terzi and Devon Larratt answer. ()

Raimonds Liepins & Janis Amolins: Dmitry Trubin was not so lucky last years. In general, it’s very bad that there’s no Denis Tsyplenkov, we hope he’ll back soon but now this fight became even more interestling.

Starting explosiveness. They both are quite good at start. Laletin is very good in applyivg his style right from the start. Trubin is not slow at all and he is explosive. So I think it could be even. Probably they both will pull toproll. So both are pretty equal.

Endurance. This point goes to Vitaly Laletin got two reasons. First: he had one of the longest armwrestling matches at Worlds-2015 with Alexandr Getalo. It was so long that I thought my internet connection failed and the screen was frozen. The second thing is after fourth round Dmitry usually gone, it’s very hard for him. But we also have to remember Trubin vs Todd, where he won 4:2. He was smaller there, but now he is like bodybuilder.

Technique. When Trubin was 90-110 kg, he was so good technique. He could pull in toproll then jump in a hook. He was one of technically best armwrestlers. He lost his position when he got heavier. He is still good but not that level anymore.

Experience. They both have great career in WAF, as in professional one, so that’s not a question.

Power. Even though Trubin looks bigger, I would say Vitali is stronger. He is pure power. But can he put this strength on the table?

Engin Terzi: Trubin vs Laletin is an interesting one because they both are toprollers and they both have long forearms. The main difference is Trubin's outside move depends mostly on his back pressure while Laletin is more of a hand control toproller. So basically Trubin has more horse power while Laletin is better technician. But Trubin is a well rounded puller who can toproll, hook, side press and even dead wrist pressurer. So in my opinion even if Laletin gets the control he will not be able to pin Trubin easily as even Pushkar (RIP) had hard time against Trubin once Trubin tried dead wrist pressure after being toprolled. Not sure who will get the control but if Trubin gets the control in my opinion he will win easy, but if Laletin gets the control then most likely we will see a war. I believe this is a great match up and can't wait to see the outcome.

Devon Larratt: Vitali will win over dmitry and carry on to win the Top-8 completely.

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