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Igor Mazurenko: The first stage of the Top-8 is not over yet! >>>

Igor Mazurenko: The first stage of the Top-8 is not over yet! # Armwrestling #

The first stage of the Top 8 is already ours. Athletes are already packing their bags and leaving, but for us nothing is complete. Our task is to keep the level of interest in the championship for at least another month. ()

The very idea of ​​Top-8 is a continuation of the idea of ​​Top-16, which appeared in 2013. An advertising agency should have helped us with professional promotion, but then it turned out that they did not have the necessary resources for this. But the idea of ​​Top-8 did not leave our heads. Officially, we announced this start this fall, Denis Tsyplenkov, Andrey Pushkar, Levan Saginashvili, Dave Chaffey, Devon Larrattt, Michael Todd and four other participants who were supposed to hold qualifying matches were supposed to participate there.

But Top-8 got a very thorny path. But I am sure that if it were not for these troubles, we would not have received such a vivid result, a good composition and an exciting fights.

I’ll talk about total coverage. To promote this event, we slightly changed the strategy, and therefore information about the championship, especially in social networks, was much more than usual. We covered most of the information space in which everyone who is interested in arm wrestling dwells, and received good reviews about this work. We tried to keep the public in a little stress and create intrigue.

And the fact that almost at the last moment before the event, viewers bought PPVs, is an important indicator of the successful development of entertainment.

In addition, we hit the front pages of newspapers that are issued in millions of copies. So, we have changed this world a little.

When we gathered in Kuching, we already had a work plan. All photo shoots, trips, school visits, communication with local armwrestlers - this made the tournament. The sports part should be about 10%, only this way we can make arm wrestling even more popular.

Most importantly, we were able to organize a broadcast that did not fall and did not hang. From our side, everything went fine, and the delays could only be on the receiving side. Of course, it was not without pirates, whose sole purpose, apparently, is simply to steal the broadcast from Mazurenko. But thanks to them, they make advertising to us.

But there are not too pleasant moments that bring extra gray hair. I'm talking about a common local organization. Imagine that the whole event is 100%. Part of the work of our promotion - 20%, and we coped with it. On the local co-organizers lay the rest, which they could not do in full. Of course, they already did the impossible, they never did such thing before.

Next we are waiting for another draw and the next round of Top-8. We will surely take into account all the points, and I am sure that the next stage will be even brighter.

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