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Terzi: I wish Ongarbaev the best! >>>

Terzi: I wish Ongarbaev the best! # Armwrestling #

Kydyrgali Ongarbaev has such an attitude towards colleagues, coaches, opponents and the sport in general, that it is difficult not to mention him. But not every viewer is able to feel the depth of such a worldview. Engin Terzi noticed bright differences of Kydyrgali, and opened it for us. ()

Kydyrgali Ongarbaev has been an armwrestler that always took people's attention with his attitude and technical abilities at the table.

He is not muscular looking, in fact doesn't even look so strong from outside but he has proved many times that he is one of the best middle & light heavyweights in the world. His calm behavior also takes attention. Of course that where he is from and his culture make him different from western athletes. Before his match against Kurdecha almost all of us thought that he didn't have much chance. I thought maybe a quick hook move would give him chance to win but he has won with pure power after a painful battle in terribly bad positions. I would never think that he could hold Kurdecha with a dead wrist in losing position and win from there. His muscles are not so big but his heart and joints are very strong for sure.

I have no doubt that he is spiritually a deep guy. I see that many of the Kazaks are brave athletes and they are very quick as well. I am glad to see that on 21.

century there are still people who are protecting their own from Globalization's negative effects. We Turks and Kazaks have the same roots, speak same language with different way. Our roots are also from Middle Asia but we have lost some of our own from that time and adopted new ones mixed with the old ones. Still having same ethnic and spiritual base and I can understand deep of their souls. Ongarbaev is a good representor of his culture in our sport and he surely is a master of his own unique pulling style. His well-roundness is amazing. His respectful personality takes the attention.

After saying all these positive things about him, I must also mention that his chance at the semifinal is not high. Yes, we thought the same about him before Kurdecha match as well but now the things became even harder.

I don't think he has much chance against Levan or Laletin but a better prepared Ongarbaev would have chance against Prudnik. But if such semifinal match happens then we will have to see an early final between Levan and Laletin as the other semifinal match.

I wish Ongarbayev the best!

Engin Terzi

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