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Bresnan vs. Saginashvili: there was no chance >>>

Bresnan vs. Saginashvili: there was no chance # Armwrestling #

Igor Mazurenko shared his impressions about the fight of the fourth pair of participants in the first stage of the Top-8 Levan Saginashvili and Tim Bresnan. ()

Tim Bresnan had great support in social networks (and surprisingly, in the Russian social network Many were cheering for Bresnan, knowing him for the destructive fight against Alexey Voevoda. He defeated Alexey, which means that he has chances to wrestle with Levan.

But the fact is that Levan Saginashvili has now grown so much that we can compare him, perhaps, only with Denis Tsyplenkov. It seems to me that if Denis was at the peak of his form, they could show a good fight. And I hope that this struggle will take place.

Did Bresnan have any chance? Well, if Tim himself comes down from the stage and notices that this is how to pull against a concrete wall, then it is not even possible to speak about the chances. Tim is very well coordinated, can fight in the hook, toproll, but. First, he is 53 years old. Secondly, he needs to increase the power index, but this is very hard work.

We saw Levan in June, when he started training, and from that moment on, he had changed a lot. He has modern equipment and does everything to develop as an armwrestler.

To discuss this fight is very difficult.

So, Tim remains in a yellow T-shirt. But in the lower group he has equal rivals. It seems to me that it would be interesting for him to meet again with Babaiev in order to dot the i. Also, I think, it could be an interesting fight with Trubin. In any case, the level of his support remains very high among all the fans.

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