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Kurdecha vs. Ongarbaev: the case in subtleties >>>

Kurdecha vs. Ongarbaev: the case in subtleties # Armwrestling #

Igor Mazurenko shared his impressions about the struggle of the third pair of participants in the first stage of the Top-8 Kydyrgali Ongarbaev and Alex Kurdecha. ()

A few weeks ago, Kydyrgali Ongarbaev got his place in the Top-8, replacing Gennady Kvikvinia. Alex Kurdecha was preparing to fight Gennady, and he was very unhappy. Kydyrgali - a young person of small weight, a very uncomfortable opponent, fast. He can win any that he proved at Professional World Cup.

During the fight, we saw very good technical training of Ongrabaev. He feels his rival’s hand as his own. He knows what to do on every millimeter during each attack. It was ready at 150%.

On the other hand, Alex Kurdecha. Alex has great potential and a place to grow. He is young and can progress. But he has a problem. The place where he trains is not equipped to engage in armwrestling professionally. As for an amateur who occupies a dominant position in the Polish Championship, this equipment is enough, but in the current situation, it was difficult for him to do necessary exercises to maximize the imitation of a fight with an opponent.

As a result, we saw greater difficulty for Alex to finish off Kydyrgali’s arm with triceps. There was not even a technical skill in this regard, although physically he could do it. I even think that this fight could have ended in a draw. But there was no necessary level of endurance and proper selection of training.

I assumed two results for Alex, the optimistic of which was 3:3, the pessimistic - 4:2 in favor of Kydyrgali. But it turned out 5:1.

If Alex changes the approach to training and updates the technical arsenal, he can show a completely different form and fight for the 5-6 place. Now in the lower group there are athletes of fairly the same level.

Has experience played its role? In Shardara Armsport, the club in which Kydyrgali is involved, is a lot of titled athletes, a huge number of partners for sparring. It is an experience and an advantage that Ongarbaev has. In professional armwrestling, these subtleties play a huge role.

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