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Bogdan Ivakhnenko: It is interesting to test myself in the armfight >>>

Bogdan Ivakhnenko: It is interesting to test myself in the armfight # Armwrestling #

Bogdan Ivakhnenko is an athlete from Ukraine who gradually but effectively makes his sports career. On April 27 Bogdan will fight in Skarszewy, Poland in his first professional Vendetta with Piotr Bartosewicz. ()

Bogdan Ivakhnenko is an athlete who practically needs no introduction. On April 27 Bogdan will fight in Skarszewy in ​​his first professional six-round fight withPolish athlete Piotr Bartosewicz. Is he ready for the fight he has long dreamed of?

Bogdan, you got a professional Vendetta. What do you feel?

- I feel very good, I am very glad that I finally got the opportunity to test myself in six rounds, also with such a strong opponent. Very interesting!

What does this armfight mean to you? What is your motivation?

- For me, this is a new important stage in my career, on the way to goals. I have long dreamed of participating in Vendetta, I wanted to win an opponent at his home, on his territory, to do it in a spectacular manner. This was visualization and nothing more. And then there was an opportunity to translate everything into reality, I accepted this challenge without hesitation. It motivates. Also, people who believe and support me give a huge motivation, this is very pleasant, and I am grateful to everyone.

I will proudly represent Ukraine and will do everything in my power!

Tell us about the process of finding an opponent. Why did you choose Piotr Bartosewicz? Or did he find you?

- They called me saying that Piotr Bartosewicz challenged me to pull in Poland. In my turn, I accepted the offer without hesitation even after such a short notice and began to prepare.

Are you satisfied with such a rival?

- Piotr is a very experienced and powerful athlete, we have not met at the table before, but I respect him as an athlete and as a person. It is interesting to test myself in armfight against him.

You didn't have much time to prepare. How do you rate your form? Are you preparing something special to fight?

- 20 days for preparation is very little, during this time I understood that I would not have time to gain strength, but in other aspects it is possible to make up. I cannot assess my form objectively, the table will show.

What would you like to say to your opponent?

- Piotr is a good guy, he and his wife are expecting a child, I think it’s not worth talking now. We will be able to talk live and then find out everything at the table. I wish him good preparation, and the main thing – without injuries.

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