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Piotr Bartosiewicz: Strength was the key >>>

Piotr Bartosiewicz: Strength was the key # Armwrestling #

He did not have enough strength to stabilize his hand during the attacks of Bogdan. A few days passed from the rating Vendetta in Skarszewy, in which Piotr Bartosiewicz (Poland) and Bogdan Ivakhnenko (Ukraine) participated. ()

Just a few days earlier, Piotr became a father. For the first time, so this is a big event in the life of every man. Leon was born healthy and strong. We still learn about his condition, but for now - a few suggestions about the fight.

Peter, what are the causes of injury and damage?

- At first glance, this is a repetition of the event in Grudziądz, where I was injured in a similar manner in a fight with Piotr Matusiak. Now everything is getting worse, because after the second round I wanted to continue the fight and this only complicated the injury to my shoulder. The fight is six-round, and I did not want to give up after two.

What are the prospects for recovery?

- Last time I resumed training at the table after about four months, because the pain did not allow me to return earlier. Of course, I did regularly all the exercises that the injury did not interfere with. Now I plan to solve this problem in the same way.

You have already analyzed the fight for sure. Will there be any changes in the future?

- If we are talking about the analysis and conclusions after the fights, then I will say this: strength was the key. I lacked quite a bit to stabilize my hand during the attacks of Bogdan. The hand was not strong enough to withstand the most difficult moments and then counterattack. Bogdan and I are at different stages of life, and for a guy at the age of 25, sport and career can be the most important, and this is understandable. Bogdan wrote that he wanted to take part in such a fight and win.

He prepared very well, I felt it at the table. In addition, fighting spirit and the fulfillment of his plan of pulling influenced the fact that he was victorious. Of course, I also practiced, but not like 10 years ago. I have other life priorities right now, and it’s normal that I will treat armwrestling as a hobby. I do not want to say that if I had prepared better, the struggle would have been different. Because at the moment I can not prepare better. This does not mean that I was in bad shape. I often say that even if you train hard and wisely, you must remember that your opponent can do it better. I have been doing armwrestling for 15 years, during which time I have suffered many injuries and losses.

Piotr, say something more optimistic, please!

– I treat all this as more obstacles to overcome. I will keep fighting and winning!

So tell me, how is your son Leon?

– He is healthy and strong. He was born weighing 4 125 g and 56 cm tall. Now he is my motivation. When he grows up, I want to show him how dad fights. And if my son likes it, I should not disappoint him. I have a good situation that my bride also loves sports and she will support me in returning to the table, so it is only a matter of time. And if I can’t get back in perfect shape, I don’t worry, because in a dozen or so years my son will fight for me. His big arms will make a rustle in armwrestling!

Piotr, thanks for the conversation and heartfelt congratulations for the whole family!

– See you at the competitions!


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