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Dawid Bartosiewicz: The bones are intact, that's good! >>>

Dawid Bartosiewicz: The bones are intact, that's good! # Armwrestling #

On April 27, the Polish Open Professional Armwrestling League took place in Skarszewy. The result of the fight of Dawid Bartosiewicz (Poland) against Mantas Asmonas (Lithuania) was the victory of the Pole. How does he evaluate this event? ()

Dawid, in general – tell us how it was?

- I am very pleased with the struggle and the level that I presented. Mantas is a serious rival, it is very pleasant to win him.

Did the fight plan work?

- In general, all the fights were exactly the way I imagined it. He will try to toproll, and I will catch him in the hook and pull him out. Mantas has a small hand, so it was convenient and easy for me to block his pronation. He, like me, is not cunning with grip, for him a purely man fight is important, and so it was.

Everything went well until something snapped...

- In the fifth round something strained in my shoulder, there was a loud crunch, at first, I did not feel any pain, only discomfort in the back of the shoulder.

I decided to give up the remaining rounds, it was already 4-0 in my favor, so I no longer worried about winning.

In general, what happened?

- I broke joints. The bones are intact, and this is good! I still can not train for a month. But I must somehow cope with it and return at full speed.

What are your next plans?

- At the moment I do not plan any fights - I must first bring myself back to normal, and then surely there will be some ideas. To become number 1 in the ranking, I had to work a lot to compete, earn points, if someone wants to challenge me, then he must first gain a foothold in the URPA rating, then we will talk about possible fights.

Thank you for talking!

- Thanks to everyone who supported me in Skarszewy. There was no crowd, but your presence was good motivation!

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