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Para-Vendetta in the city of Grudziądz! >>>

Para-Vendetta in the city of Grudziądz! # Armwrestling #

June 8, 2019 - Grudziądz is a city that is important not only for Polish arm wrestling. The city in which for many years held various sports events, including the Polish Championships. Why precisely Grudziadz? ()

The world's leading athlete, winner of international championships, amateur and professional for many years, the „First Lady of the Polish Arm Wrestling” - in Grudziądz she runs her club „Arm Fanatic Sport”. The club is small in terms of the number of athletes participating in the Polish Championship and Polish Cup, but the club is really „champion” because almost every participant returns from the competition with a medal. Minimum - with one medal! The colors of this club are also represented by Maciej Gralak, famous for his performances at international events. Since April 2019, Marlena Wawrzyniak is also the first vice-president of the Polish Armwrestling.

We announce a huge and very diverse show, which includes arm wrestling, on June 8 in Grudziądz.

Among other things - an amateur tournament, a tournament for professionals and several fights in the Para Vendetta Armwrestling Champions League format, in which para-athletes will fight.

But that's not all!

Probably for the first time in the world - it will be the arm-triathlon starts in Grudziądz! It will be almost a typical triathlon competition (running, cycling and kayaking) with the addition of an armwrestling tournament for the first seven athletes who will complete the triathlon trials first.

The event promises to be very interesting, and the fans already take the first places. Among Polish athletes there are some excellent running and some experienced cyclists. The rivalry on the track will be exciting, and then - time for other emotions - a tournament at the table.

We invite you to Grudziądz on June 8!

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