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Make people real armwrestling superstars! >>>

Make people real armwrestling superstars! # Armwrestling #

Should URPA teach new referees? Reza Dilmaghanian answers. ()

The Unified Rating of Professional Armwrestling is a beautiful idea.

We need to train the next generation of refs. I believe every athlete should get there ref's certs for a few reasons. It educates you about every aspect of the sport (rules wise). If your an athlete, sometimes you lose to the same guys for years never understanding the advantages they are taking from you. If you ref them you'll see what there doing, feel what there doing and understand hand control better. Reffing is a hard job but it's rewarding as well.

I believe refs should be ranked by the amount of fouls they improperly call or do not call. I feel cameras tell no lie. Cameras are what get reviewed in every sport when a refs’ calls are in question.

In time I would like to see the refs with the most accuracy calls promoted and those with the least accurate calls demoted.

In the USA for example we really need to educate our junior refs, often they only ref a few events a year and it's difficult for them to keep up with an evolving sport. A program with a curriculum will help change these discrepancies.

As for the way to train refs. First they have to learn the rules of the sport. Then learn the basic aspects of hand techniques athletes will be using. They must have endless focus to ensure competitive equality and be non bias. Then they must learn the manipulations that take place before and during matches. And last they must enjoy what there doing otherwise it won't last long.

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