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The best exercises for the wrist from Igor Mazurenko >>>

The best exercises for the wrist from Igor Mazurenko # Armwrestling #

We decided to select the best exercises for strengthening separate muscle groups, angles and joints. ()

Not many things can train strength and skill in armwrestling better than the fight itself. But even to fight at the table you need at least some kind of base. And if in the fight it turns out that your technique is not  good or there is not enough strength, iron comes to the rescue.

We selected three best exercises for different techniques, angles and muscle groups, with which you can diversify your workouts or make sure that you do everything correctly.

First in line - wrist exercises.

 A strong wrist is needed everywhere. In the old manner it was strengthened as follows: we took a dumbbell or a thick handle from the block, and tried to bend the wrist with a pick-up or from above. Yes, the wrist is strengthened well, but not universally.

Exercise, which we put in third place in efficiency is lifting a dumbbell with a thick handle on the wrist. In this case, the forearm is placed at 45 ° relative to the floor. This is an old exercise, performed many years ago, but no less effective. It can be considered a classic and is suitable even for beginner athletes.

Fingers are pumped along with the wrist.

On the second place - handle on tapes retraction. This is a multi-joint exercise, very effective in combination with the work on the fingers. If the weight of the burden is incorrect, too large, the wrist will fall or the fingers will unbend.

And the first place. Now there is a new equipment for pumping the wrist - special handles. With this handle, the wrist is worked in isolation from the fingers. Why so more effective? Because most often the fingers can hold the opponent's grip, and the wrist fails. Although many top athletes, the same Andrey Pushkar, often used a failed wrist to fight, but this is not the best option. First, such a fight is traumatic, and secondly, the old exercises are no longer so effective.

Doing the exercise on an adjustable block, we can feel the whole essence of it: you should move the table and put your elbow on the pillow, imitate the struggle. By isolating the wrist, you turn on the flexors, and this exercise allows you to gain strength very quickly. This exercise can be considered one of the most important in armwrestling.

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