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Welcome to the draw! >>>

Welcome to the draw! # Armwrestling #

July 1, 2019 in Kyiv, Ukraine, will take place the draw for the second stage of the championship Top-8. What is special about this draw? ()

If you have long wanted to get acquainted with the legacy of famous Klitschko boxers, then the opportunity is appropriate: the draw for the participants of the second stage of Top-8 will be held on Monday, July 1, in the legendary space Klitschko Expo in Kyiv, Ukraine.

“We decided that we would definitely gather athletes at the second draw so that they would “manually ” identify their further rivals at the next stage of the struggle, – explains Igor Mazurenko. – Therefore, Kiev seemed to us to be quite a suitable place for such a meeting. And the space of Klitschko Expo agreed to provide us with a location. And so we will combine the press conference and the process of the draw in one event”.

The second draw differs from the first with selection procedure.

If during the first it was necessary for each athlete from the group of Champions to pick up a Contender competitor, now the groups - upper and lower - are already formed, and athletes will need to choose an opponent from these groups.

Also during the draw there will be several activities for the audience:

- lottery and drawing of sports equipment from Mazurenko Equipment;

- master class and autograph session from the best arm wrestlers in the world;

- banquet during which you can chat and take pics with your idols.

“We really hope for another surprise: perhaps the Klitschko brothers themselves will take part in the event! I would like the time to allow them, because I am sure everyone will be happy to get acquainted with the famous boxers. We are waiting for you all at the draw!” – adds Igor Mazurenko.

So, July 1, 12.00, Kyiv, st. Veyka Vasylkivska, 55, the legendary space “Klitschko Expo” (at the NSC “Olimpiyskiy”).

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