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Three best brachioradialis exercises by Igor Mazurenko >>>

Three best brachioradialis exercises by Igor Mazurenko # Armwrestling #

A selection of the best exercises on the brachioradialis muscle from Igor Mazurenko. ()

In the third place is a classic exercise - lifting a dumbbell for biceps with hammer grip and using Scott's bench. The exercise is old, known to all, and for several decades it was the best and most effective for the development of brachioradialis.

The second exercise is the lifting of the burden with the strap passed through the wrist. A burden is a weight or vertical bar with plates.

Due to free weight, such exercise loads and works not only on the brachioradialis muscles, but also on the stabilizing muscles that are used during the fight.

And in the first place is an exercise that is performed using a strap passed through phalanges of the fingers. The strap is attached to the block, and the exercise itself is performed at the table so that the elbow is on the pillow. It is also worth paying attention that the block cable should be parallel to the table. This position of the hand imitates as much as possible the force vectors that the hand experiences during the struggle, so because the strap exercise is very effective.

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