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Power fight for Dmitry Trubin >>>

Power fight for Dmitry Trubin # Armwrestling #

Dmitry Trubin got as a rival Polish athlete Alex Kurdecha. Will Dmitry be well prepared for the fight? What does he expect from the opponent? ()

Dmitry, did the draw justify your expectations? Do you think you are lucky with your opponent?

- I believe that now the draw has fallen to me good, because we need to take into account that I am moving, and family affairs are in the first place. Because of this, I will probably lose a little in preparation. So far there is no possibility to train. I need to get a job and solve other issues. But I will have a clean one and a half months of preparation, and I think that it should be enough for a quality fight with Alex Kurdecha.

What technical features will help you defeat Kurdecha? What will you do in the preparation?

- Alex is a purely “physical”, power armwrestler, and it will be convenient for me to fight him, because I am the same. He can oppose a lot of things to my struggle, but I think he will focus on the hook fight, and I will try to cover all the technical aspects.

What can you say about other matches? Whose fight will you be interested to watch?

- Of course, the most interesting for me will be a match of Rustam Babaev and Tim Bresnan. There will be an exciting fight that I want to see. Their last meeting, to put it mildly, did not show a good fight. So, we will wait and prepare ourselves. In other pairs everything is also, in general, interesting, but the favorites, of course, are clear.

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