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Supplementation in armwrestling # Armwrestling #

Many people ask what to do, to quickly gain muscle mass, increase strength, loose a few kilos. As we all know, just training is not enough. A proper diet is required, too. ()

Any armwrestler hits their first training plateau at some point in time. It is then that we try to make changes – diet, workout routine, technique. We push on, hoping for a break, but nothing happens. At a time like this it’s our last resort to start using supplements.

Until recently, people used to think just like this – use supplements only when diet and training fails. That has changed lately, some specialists started to recommend supplementation from the very start of an armwrestling adventure.

This allows us to progress faster and much earlier in our careers. It’s also proven that some supplements, such as HMB, work bet at the very earliest stages in our training process. Supplement from the very start, there is nothing to fear!

Here’s a short list of supplements used in armwrestling. They can be divided into a few groups:

1.supplements that increase muscle power

2.supplements that increase energy levels

3.supplement that increase regeneration

4.supplements that regenerate joints and tendons

The first and foremost are the supplements that influence muscle power.

For years armwrestlers have been looking for the right combination of supplements to boost their power. Until the arrival of the micronized creatine monohydrate, inozine was z popular supplement, an ATP precursor. Used in 1000 – 2000 mg doses before a workout, it increased power during training, making it more effective. Biochemical research has shown that inozine is broken down right after ingestion, and is then evacuated almost wholly with urine.

As we all know, research does not always go hand in hand with life – some people still think inozine is one of the basic armwrestling supplements.

In 1993, micronized creatine became available, and many still think it’s the best power and mass-increasing supplements. Another step was the creation of the king among creatines – ethyl ester HCL (CEE), and the patented KRE-AL-KALYN, or buffered creatine.

Another group of supplements are the regeneration supplements, increasing regenerative processes.

Aside from creatine, the most popular supplement in the world of armwrestling is L-glutamine. Energizing supplements are very useful during armwrestling tournaments. As we all know, our start is a very important factor in the outcome of the fight. Many fighters use supplements based on L-Taurine, L-Tyrosine, guarana, ginseng, magnesium, large quantities of B-complex vitamin, to make their start condition better.

Long-lasting events drain the body, and these supplements help to no end.

The last group of supplements useful in armwretling training are joint regenerators. Armwrestling practitioners lift extremely heavy weights when training biceps, triceps and forearms, much more than bodybuilders even. Injury risk is huge, that’s why everyone should use joint supplements. I recommend glucosamine, collagen, MSM and chondroitin.

A balanced diet and proper supplementation can be very beneficial for progress and health. We should all get used to the fact that in strength sports, such as armwrestling, diet and supplementation are basics. Change your bad eating habits, and you will be surprised how much better you can get, with just a few simple rules.


Maciej Kolendowicz

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