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Rustam Babaev: In the category of 95 kg I will feel better >>>

Rustam Babaev: In the category of 95 kg I will feel better # Armwrestling #

At the draw, Rustam Babaev get Tim Bresnan as a rival and also - the possibility of revenge. The difference in weight between athletes is significant, so when the project expands to the category of 95 kg, we will most likely see Rustam there. ()

Rustam, we are already at the equator of the Top-8. How do you like the tournament?

- To date, in terms of organization, presentation and promotion from the Top-8, I don’t know who can match. It is clear that there were tournaments where a lot of money was given for the victory, but so that the competition attracted so much attention and such work was carried out, I don’t recall.

According to the plan next year, the project Top-8 will be opened in the weight category of 95 kg. Will you go there or stay in the absolute?

- Naturally, I have more chances of 95 kg, because I weigh up to 100 kg, and I think it will be easier for me there.

But in general there are many top athletes in this category, and if we compare their efficiency, then everyone is very strong. Many tops of 95 kg can compete with heavyweights. But with 95 kg I can at least use some technical tricks.

Who in 95 kg could compete with you?

- I think Kydyrgali can do it, if he loses the weight. And if you look at the results of the World Championships, Europeans, the finalists of the Zloty Tur, then that's enough to pick somebody. For example, Hermes Gasparini. My brother, Ruslan, if he would come back, will also be a problem for me. But for this I have to motivate him. Sasho Andreev is a very serious athlete. Maybe Krasimir Kostadinov if he wants to lose the weight.

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