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Korea Armwrestling Federation joins IFA >>>

Korea Armwrestling Federation  joins IFA # Armwrestling #

Korea Armwrestling Federation joins IFA ()

Dear. Armwrestling Leaderships Around the World

Korea Armwrestling Federation (hereafter “KAF”) is writing this open letter in order to inform the world armwrestling community that KAF’s Board of Directors has decided to join the International Federation of Armwrestling (hereafter “IFA”) by leaving World Armwrestling Federation (hereafter “WAF”) if necessary.

KAF and KAF’s members have developed excellent relationships with both IFA and WAF leaderships, so choosing one over another was not an easy decision, and by making this decision (by joining IFA), KAF does not want to ruin its “pure friendship” with WAF leaderships as well as the remaining members of WAF.

However, we, KAF, must clarify that KAF’s Board of Directors make decisions in pursuit of Korean armwrestlers’ long-term benefits by providing them the best option to enjoy armwrestling as a sport. As a leader of armwrestling culture and local armwrestling clubs in Korea, KAF has always done its very best to make wise decisions in order to grow and remain as a great heritage to our future generations of armwrestling.

Last but not least, KAF would like to ask all the armwrestling organizations and leaderships – both national and international, both IFA and WAF – NOT TO FORGET the very first time we got together in pursuit of the development of armwrestling.

Let’s not losing RESPECT. Let’s not losing SPORTSMANSHIP.

12th. July. 2019
Board of Directors
Korea Armwrestling Federation



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