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The pursuit for the mass: Babaev - Bresnan >>>

The pursuit for the mass: Babaev - Bresnan # Armwrestling #

What changes in weight can prepare the participants of the second stage of the Top-8 Rustam Babaev and Tim Bresnan? ()

The participants in this pair are perhaps the least experimenting with body weight in recent years.

Rustam Babaev knows what armwrestling is and how to prepare for performances, and this is evident from his activities on the network - with every photo or video we see that Rustam is gaining his optimal shape. This applies to working weights, volumes and visual stiffness of his muscles.

And if at the first stage of the championship Babaev was not able to gain weight qualitatively, right before the performances he could not control it and lost several kilograms, now it is not noticeable that Rustam is seriously adding in mass at all - it may be difficult for him to gain weight due to anthropometric and genetic features, or Rustam intentionally does not gain, for example, so as not to lose his lightning speed.

Tim Bresnan is not too actively putting the process of his preparation on public display, so we do not know what form he is preparing. But we can assume that weight loss or gain is not a factor Tim can and should emphasize in preparation. In this case, he is already larger than his rival, it remains to work only with strength and technique. And thanks to Tim’s past performances, we understand that the very same Bresnan awaits us, without any special visual changes - just as tough and ready to surprise.

But if both participants appear in the form we are used to, does this not mean that a revenge awaits us in the same scenario as the first athlete fight at Vendetta #50?!

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