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Levan Saginashvili: I do not understand why Kydyrgali is underestimated >>>

Levan Saginashvili: I do not understand why Kydyrgali is underestimated # Armwrestling #

We are sure that nobody wanted to get to Levan Saginashvili in the draw for the second stage of the Top-8, and Kydygrali Ongarbaev became the “lucky one”. But Levan himself is at a loss: why does everyone think it will be easy? Indeed, Kydyrgali is a rather dangerous rival. ()

Levan, are you satisfied with this result of the draw? Does it mean that you are not preparing so intensively?

- The draw was for me ... how it was. For me, it didn’t make much difference who I get with, all three are equally strong, so I prepare 100%.

After what Kydyrgali showed in the fight against Kurdecha, do you feel any threat from him?

- Honestly, I do not understand why Kydyrgali is underestimated. I pulled with him in the final of the Zloty Tur in 2017, and it was not by chance that he got there.

What does your training look like now? What are you focusing on?

- I train as usual, I do nothing new. The emphasis is on strength. I hope I will be in the finals, but first I need to win Kydyrgali. I’m just thinking about it.

Understanding that you will be in the Top-8 finals, everyone began to gain mass. Do you think this is right? Or could it be a "shot idle"?

- Not everyone can gain mass productively, but I think that in their place I would do the same. But this does not always work well, you need to know your body.

What about the Laletin-Prudnik pair? Which of them would you like to see in the final?

- It is an interesting match. I want the strongest of them in the finals.

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