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Second stage of Top-8: New answers and new questions >>>

Second stage of Top-8: New answers and new questions # Armwrestling #

The second stage of the Top-8 gave us four interesting and exciting fights. They gave us food for thought and, answering old questions, asked new ones. ()

For example, after the match between Tim Bresnan and Rustam Babaev, we learned that Tim is really stronger, and with proper self-control and technical training, Rustam has no chance. But, firstly, will Rustam be able to defeat the much less titled, but bigger Alex Kurdecha? And what are the chances of an American harsh master against Dmitry Trubin?
Regarding Dmitry, he, despite everyday difficulties, came out of the steep his black linr, and proved that he should not be written off, and even if he is not a champion from the first echelon today, he is far from being a loser. But a duel against Tim Bresnan should determine his position more precisely, because the American is firmly in the leading position of the lower bracket. And if Dmitry can confidently defeat him, this will mean that he still remains a contender for getting into the first echelon, where he will be equal among the best. Well, in equal fight we will understand that Dmitry is certainly a top armwrestler (as the name of the tournament says), but to cope with the genetic "monsters", he, like Rustam Babaev, is not under the force.
Alex Kurdecha is also at a crossroads in understanding his capabilities. The fight with Rustam Babaev is obliged to show whether Alex got into the tournament by chance, and he should gain condition and competitive experience for a few more years, or he is rightfully there.
Evgeny Prudnik, despite the increase in both mass and power indicators, quite devastatingly lost to Vitaly Laletin.

And it would seem that everything became clear here, but in this particular duel there are actually more questions than in the others. Indeed, in the sixth round, Evgeny was able to start not from referee's grip from a convenient position, and, falling into the hook, did not leave a single chance to Vitaly. But can Prudnik be able to add in the starting position and the starting movement, so that at the next meeting with Laletin no longer look for moments, but impose his struggle. And the main question to which we can get an answer as early as this year at the third stage of the Top-8. Who is stronger: Evgeny Prudnik or Kydyrgali Ongarbaev? Until the last fight Prudnik was a clear favorite, but Ongarbaev surprised us that he fought so hard against Levan Saginashvili, that the fight was filled with emotions and interest. And after it, it’s already difficult to call Prudnik the unequivocal favorite of their pair.
The last intrigue that is revealed to us is the duel of Vitaly Laletin against Levan Saginishvili for first place in the Top-8. Kydyrgali showed that Levan does not have a reinforced concrete wrist, and you can load it well with toproll, which Vitaly mainly uses. Moreover, he is a giant, and he has significantly better natural anthropometry than Ongarbaev has. At the same time, Levan was used to fighting with heavyweights, and he often met athletes, maybe weaker, but with similar dimensions, and Vitaly Laletin got used to fighting with an anthropometric advantage.
The last stage will be the most anticipated among all, but it will also ask new questions, the answers to which will have to be found in the second season of Top-8.

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