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Kydygraly Ongarbaev: In the first rounds I wanted to make Levan tired >>>

Kydygraly Ongarbaev: In the first rounds I wanted to make Levan tired # Armwrestling #

Surely, the other participants in the upper bracket of the second stage of the Top-8 were glad when Kydyrgali Ongarbaev got into the rivals Levan Saginashvili. But Kydyrgali showed an excellent result during the preparation. And in general, his struggle at the second stage can be perceived as a rehearsal of the third stage. But is he satisfied with his performance? ()

Kydyrgali, please share your impressions of the second stage of the Top-8.

- The second stage of the Top-8 was organized at a high level. China met us very hospitably. In Shenzhen, we saw many interesting places, and tasted their traditional food. And about the competition - you saw it yourself.

 To fight Levan, you and your team chose an interesting tactic. What was it based on?

- We all knew that Levan is a very strong rival, so we focused mainly on physical fitness and endurance. We had such tactics that in 1-2 rounds we must do everything to make Levan tired as much as possible, and then try to win. But he was very well trained.

You gained some weight. How much do you think your strength level has increased?

I gained only 2-3 kg. I gained this weight when we were training in the mountains. And about the strength - I am definitely stronger than in the first stage of the Top-8.

Not considering the result - did you like to pull with Levan?

- Every competition is an experience for all of us. From the fight with Levan, I gained great experience. At the very beginning, I was very motivated to defeat Levan. But that day victory was his, but I think God willing, in the future I will win it.

What should Prudnik expect from you in your fight?

- Before that, we met with Prudnik before. He won several times, several times I won. We both know each other well, so in the third stage of the Top-8, we will both prepare in all seriousness.

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